payment plans

Our main goal at Diamonds and Pearls Boudoir is to provide you with an empowering experience and help you preserve those precious memories. We understand that pricing and budget play a significant role in deciding what to invest in. That's why we offer three fantastic options to make it easier for you to book a session with us. 

option 1: pre-session payment plans

This is a FAN FAVORITE for so many of our clients. This option allows you to set up a bi-weekly or monthly payment plan leading up to your shoot. The payment plan is based on the Collection you think you may be interested in purchasing, giving you the flexibility to choose the option that suits your preferences and budget.

The beauty of our Pre-Session Payment Plans is that they take away the stress of a large expense all at once. Instead, you can enjoy the anticipation of your shoot while comfortably paying it off over time. We understand that investing in yourself is important, and we want to make it as convenient as possible for you.

On the day of your shoot, you can focus solely on the experience itself without any worries about the financial aspect. It's all taken care of through your pre-arranged payment plan. And here's the best part - if you end up falling in love with more images than you anticipated, you can always upgrade your Collection to include those extra favorites. We want you to have the freedom to create your dream boudoir collection without any limitations.

Have questions about a Pre-Payment Plan? Schedule a call with me!


If you're interested in a payment plan to pay off your products, then another interest free option is paypal credit. They offer no interest for 6 months, and you get to pick up your products as soon as they come in! Are you ready to invest in yourself? See if you qualify only take a few seconds!


So Affirm is a great option! Even if you aren’t approved for the full amount you can always use it as a down payment!

So do you have the affirm app? If not it will be easier to get the app and create an account.

Here’s how to see if you’re approved! ⬇️⬇️

Step 1: Create Affirm account --

Step 2: If you’re approved you’re able to create a “virtual card” this card can be used anywhere.

Step 3: On the Affirm app or in your browser on the Affirm website, go to the search bar. And type in “Diamonds and Pearls Boudoir” nothing will pop up with that name. Scroll down and it will say “Create a Virtual Card”

Step 4: follow the steps to create a virtual card. It will see if you’re approved for a virtual credit card with a line of credit.

Step 5: Let me know if you are approved and depending on what you’re approved for we have options for your payment plan and products❤️


This is a last minute solution for if you upgrade your collection because you just LOVED your images (ONLY after you have prepaid for a collection), or you aren't able to apply for Paypal Credit. There is a $500 deposit due the day of your reveal and ordering appointment as well as a 7% processing fee added on top of your total balance. The amount can be spread out over (up to) 12 months.

Images and products will not be delivered or ordered until the payment plan is paid in full.