When I asked Kelsey to write about her boudoir shoot experience with us, she quickly responded with a “YES!” When I first read it, it brought me to tears. Kelsey’s transformation has been one of the most memorable ones. Here is her story, written by Kelsey herself.

Signing up for a boudoir session was a crazy idea. It was meant to be gift for my husband - he always tell me how beautiful I am - and I sometimes roll my eyes at him. Am I beautiful after being with the kids all day? Sweatpants, hair tire, and chilling with no makeup on? Is that beautiful? For me, no. For him, he thinks I am beautiful no matter what.  

All the way leading up to the session, I was nervous and super anxious. I knew next to nothing about what looked sexy on me. Doubt and anxiety echoed back at me. The world makes it so easy for us, as women, to focus on our imperfections - to focus on all of our flaws. Society presents us with the “perfect” woman on billboards, on the tv and on the internet.

I prepared for my session as much as I could. I checked off all the things on my list to buy; I got my lingerie on Shein and Amazon. I got my nails and toes done. Grooming is a thing; make sure to do it! 

Then it was here - boudoir session day. Whew! I shuffled into he studio -wearing leggings and an oversized shirt. I was immediately greeted by two friendly faces. Crystal, the photographer and Monica, the hair and makeup artist.

I was scared and and nervous. My stomach was in knots and I did not eat like their “tip” told me to cause I don’t eat breakfast anyways. I sat in the hair and makeup chair and she asked what look I was going for today. I had no clue. Haha. I wanted glam but I wasn’t sure what I wanted. I told her she had free rain to do whatever she thought was good. Sitting in the chair, I felt like I was the center of attention but in a warm and loving way. When she was done, I looked in the mirror and was like - who’s that? I genuinely didn’t recognize the woman in the mirror!!

who is she?!

Crystal showed me which outfits to use first and then the next to the next. During the session I had never felt so beautiful, WORTHY and confident!! She came over several times to show me the back of the camera and I was like —uhhh omg who is she??? She said, “Look how stunning you are!” And right then, I started to believe it. I finally let go - I felt free.

I kept saying over and over, “omg is that me? Who is she? Is that really me?” Crystal told me, “I only take pictures of beautiful things, I don’t make them beautiful.” I could hardly respond.


I could have never imagined what the final product would be. I highly recommend it and to be honest, have booked my next session already with my husband!!! A couples boudoir!!! Might as well get out of my comfort zone with the one I love!! I had unintentionally give myself the best gift of all — L.O.V.E.