Tamara first reached out to me regarding our “Fishnets” project. This project was specifically to get women of all body types in the studio so that the women that followed my work could see that a boudoir session is for EVERYONE! She expressed to me during our phone consultation that she was nervous and wanted to do this for herself and of course for her husband. I told her that she already did the hardest part, INQUIRING. It takes a lot of guts to send an email regarding something that scares you. I was so happy she took a chance on us and herself!


As a photographer, I have always been fascinated by boudoir photography. The idea of capturing the beauty and sensuality of a person in an intimate setting has always been something that has intrigued me. So, when I had the opportunity to shoot Tamara’s session, I was both excited and nervous. Little did I know, this session would have a profound impact on me as an artist and photographer.

The session was with a woman who had never done a boudoir shoot before. She was nervous and unsure of herself, but she trusted me to guide her through the process. As we started shooting, I could see her confidence grow. She began to relax and let go of her inhibitions. It was truly a beautiful thing to witness.

As we reviewed the photos together, I could see how much she had transformed during the shoot. She was glowing, and her beauty shone through in every photo. It was then that I realized the true power of boudoir photography. It's not just about taking sexy photos, it's about empowering people to feel confident and beautiful in their own skin.

This experience impacted me as an artist in a profound way. It made me realize that photography is not just about capturing images, it's about capturing emotions and telling a story. I began to approach my work in a new way, focusing more on the emotional connection between my subjects and the camera.

I also learned the importance of creating a safe and comfortable environment for my clients. Boudoir photography can be intimidating, and it's important to create a space where clients feel comfortable to let go of their inhibitions and be themselves.